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question:Why certain articles were outsourced in the Action-Club ?


Due to regulations of various partner companies, we can not display certain items in our shop directly online. But, because we want to continue to offer these products, we decided to create the Action Club. In our Action Club, you will find many items free for sale to persons over 18. Airsofts, various knives, defense sprays, etc. Please note that the items of the Action Club are not payable by PayPal because of the guidelines of this company.

To the Action-Club

The registration in the Action-Club serves only for insight of the FSK-18-items. For ordering items, which are deposited in the Action-Club, a proof of age is needed.
question:How can I order the ASMC - catalog?


Our current catalog is available for free in Germany. If you want to order only the catalog, then you can sign in the catalog order form , free and without any obligations. The catalog will be sent you by post, immediately. CAUTION: This regulation is only applied within the Federal Republic of Germany. If you want a catalog composed to your order, then you can order this for free, any time.

catalog requests into abroad: Please log in your account, and put the catalog in your cart. The shipping costs will be shown you in your ordering conclusion.
question:How do I know if an item is available again?


The delivery time is displayed. This one is based on a supplier information. If the delivery had to be postponed (downtime, delays in transportation, delay due to custom clearance etc..), we will record the new data manually in our system. Delivery dates shown are not binding, they are only for informational purposes. The item is then displayed with the yellow light.

What does "sold out" means?

For use articles applies the principle: this item only can be bought at availability. For new articles, the addition "sold out" means, the supplier has taken this item out of his delivery assortment.
question:Why do I need to deliver a proof of age?


We offer some items that are subject to the German law, marked with the words "from 18". The German law prohibits us from selling these products to minors under 18 years.

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