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TecTalk Midland G7 pro camo

5 4 Valutazioni
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Numero d'ordine 81018
79,99 EUR

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Informazioni su TecTalk Midland G7 pro camo

With technology at its highest level, is the Midland G7 pro equally suitable for professional users that need to communicate with colleagues at construction sites, buildings, hotels, trade shows and events, as well as for the leisure sector, among friends and in the family. With its durable housing
and the simple and attractive design, it is suitable for all applications.
Midland G7 pro is very practical and can be easily
operated. It uses both the throughout most of Europe approved PMR 446 frequency range, as well as the in some EU countries, also permitted LPD frequency range to 433 MHz (see table usage restrictions in the instruction manual).
Midland G7 pro has all the features you expect from a cutting-edge handheld radio. Particularly noteworthy is the vibrate alert so that you wont miss a call even in noisy environments. It also has a well-read LCD display with backlight and easy operation through centrally mounted control buttons.
With the Midland G7 pro you stay connected anywhere, anytime. It is ideal for those who love sports and outdoor activities.

A matching headset used for this radio you can find under item number: 81033

Included: 1 unit + charger + four x Ni-MH batteries
Weight: 120g (without batteries)
Range up to 5 km

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Colore Colore mimetico, Beige, Marrone, Nero
EAN 8011869174674

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Sascha R.

Super Gerät grund solide in Preis, Ausstattung und Sprachqualität ideal für den Einsatz mit den Kehlkopf Headsets AE38 und AE38 S2 !

Christian L.

Asoluter Hammer! Im Internet gibt es Anleitungen um das Funkgerät (Aufzubohren) (maximale Leistung). Es muss nur eine Lötbrücke entfernt werden. Die Betriebsdauer sinkt dadurch natürlich drastisch. Aber Rauschfrei locker 15km weit Funken. Und mit Head set noch besser

Christine H.

Das G7 ist der Hammer ich habe bis jetzt das G7 nur einmal auladen müssen es hält sehr lange durch

Thomas B.

Habitué au radio midland je ne suis jamais décu par leur radio. Le packaging pourrai etre un peu plus fourni pour le prix.


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TecTalk Midland G7 pro camo
TecTalk Midland G7 pro camo
79,99 EUR