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Lamp LED Lenser P17

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Lamp LED Lenser P17


Lamp LED Lenser P17

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Invece di 99,90 EUR UVP
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Informazioni su Lamp LED Lenser P17

Police officers, firefighters and emergency forces need robust, super-bright flashlights that withstand continuous use and exceptional conditions. They have to be shock-proof and resistant to great variations in temperature. Our LED LENSER® P17 meets all of these demands and is also up to mark when it comes to recreational activities and sports. Hunters and anglers will delight in this technological master - piece, for it combines light source, optics and user-friendliness in an ideal way.
The lamp is operated with 3 D batteries that provide a surprisingly long service life at low cost.
The newly developed switch offers a choice between extremely bright and dimmed light, so that the LED LENSER® P17 can be used both at long range and close-up range.
Furthermore, it is a dazzle-free reading lamp.

- LED: High End LED
- Length: 316 mm
- Weight: 800 g
- Luminous flux: 220 lm
- Batteries: 3 x D-cell 1,5 V (included)
- Energy tank: 90,0 Wh
- Beam range: 330 m

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italy 0 deutsch 2
Christoph J.

Erstklassige Verarbeitung!!! Ist zu 100% sein Geld wert!!! Der Speed Fokus funktioniert einhändig... Macht einen sehr robusten und stabilen Eindruck.... auch nach Stunden keine Spur von Energieverlust!!!!

Robert J.

Verpackung und Taschenlampe = 5* Taschenlampe: - Handling = 5* - Gewicht = zwar relativ schwer, trotzdem 5* - zwar anfängliche Startschwierigkeiten .... funktionierte anfänglich gar nicht, nach einigen Stunden aber einfandfrei = 2,5* - Leuchtkraft = 5* Ob die Taschenlampe tatsächlich 330 Meter bei fokusiertem Lichtstrahl weit leuchtet, etwas fraglich, aber weit über 250 Meter schafft sie locker, trotzdem 5*


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Lamp LED Lenser P17
Lamp LED Lenser P17
89,90 EUR*
Invece di 99,90 EUR UVP