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Saftey lanyard Blackhawk olivgreen short

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Informazioni su Saftey lanyard Blackhawk olivgreen short

The BlackHawk PRL is designed to act as a personal lanyard when operating from helos, ships, or dangerous heights. Used by attaching locking carabiners to each end. One side clips to your CQB belt/or rappel harness, the other end attaches to anything solid to keep you from falling. Designed with tubular webbing & internal “Shock Cord” to keep it short and easy to use. Five (5) Bartacks on each end secure internal shock cord, and create “biner” loops. Length relaxex 40 cm. Length stretched 47 cm. This unit has been tested and is in use by specific units of the U.S. Army and Navy (NSN 4240-01-502-9401).

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Saftey lanyard Blackhawk olivgreen short
Saftey lanyard Blackhawk olivgreen short
29,99 EUR