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German Army Group Ration Dinner Version

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Informazioni su German Army Group Ration Dinner Version

The German Army Group Ration is a single packed ration from the catering office of the German Armed Forces intended for 20 people. Particular attention is paid to compliance with the required standards and in a varied and balanced diet. Therefore, there is per pack up to 12 different variations (types).
Each evening ration contains different meats and sausages as well as packaged foods such as preserved meats and canned bread plus dehydrated ingredients, prepared with about 9 litres of drinking water.

- Note: No type selection possible - delivery depending on stock!
- Changes of the content are possible.

The packaging of German Army Group Ration does not correspond to the of the Food Consumer Act (missing ingredient and nutritional information and best before date).
Therefore, the Group ration is sold only as a "collector's item".

Eat at your own risk !

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  • 8 kg
Provenienza militare
  • Originale Bundeswehr
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  • Nuovo
Colore Incolore
EAN 4051378316442

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German Army Group Ration Dinner Version
German Army Group Ration Dinner Version
59,99 EUR